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About our Mandala

This amazingly beautiful mandala has been with me since 2008, when I discovered it on a website (searching for Transformation images) and bought the rights to use it from

It was, as if Vikki had made it specifically for me, and captured what is precious to me in my life philosophy, and, from there, what is at the core of my work with people:

There is the centrality of the heart symbol, in fact, the more I look at the mandala, the more heart I discover, woven into the overall mandala in different places and colour shadings. The hearts even represent the polarity of Light and shadow, and Yin and Yan- such an essential focus when we grow, wake up and become (more) whole. The place of our Heart with its inherent Love and Light as the central place to live from- interwoven intricately into the tapestry of our unfolding lives.

Then there is the circle of butterflies- holding and cradling the whole mandala in the outer circle.

To me, this speaks of the centrality of change and growth: Just like the caterpillar metamorphoses into the butterfly, so do we, when we also have the protection of the holding cocoon and are sufficiently connected to the source of Love and Life in our heart. Then, we wake up to who we truly are.

And, there are the feet with all their cute little toes and footprints. They speak of the importance of moving and dancing, of the inherent joy and empowerment that can be found discovering our own (and others’) moving, alive, free bodies that enable us to be ‘in our natural state’. And, the foot prints also symbolise the reminder to tread gently on the earth and all her creatures.


The interspersed white feathers speak of Guidance, Spirit, the Infinite, and all that we do not see and know, the deep Mystery of Creation.

Lastly, I love the qualities of centeredness, of deepening, of stilling ourselves into the Essential in my overall experience of the mandala.


It speaks to my heart with its beauty, and it speaks to my soul with its multi-layered symbols.

About us

About us


Brigitte Puls

Phone 021 1064 564

Brigitte has been a seeker on the Path of spiritual and personal growth for most of her life.

Brigitte is a qualified clinical psychologist, psychotherapy, dance movement therapist and, more recently, ordained minister and celebrant.


Her professional contributions span many years of teaching Psychotherapy and Creative Expressive Therapies as a senior lecturer at AUT and teaching on the Master of Dance Therapy at the University of Auckland. In her concurrent private practice, Brigitte works with seekers of personal development and healing, both individually and in groups.

Fostering embodiment, intuition and joy, and thus experiencing increased vitality, are core elements of Brigitte’s approach. Brigitte works with movement/ dance, creative expression, and spiritual practices. Her approach involves movement and stillness, both indoors and in nature. The purpose is to increase balance and for participants to deepen into their authentic, expanded sense of self.


Brigitte’s holistic approach emphasises the experience of love,   harmony, beauty and order as cornerstones for wellbeing and purposeful living. 


Qayyi is Brigitte’s spiritual name, given to her by a Sufi teacher.

Its meaning refers to recognising the Divine in all. 

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Douglas Warren

Phone: 027 226 7686

In his early teens Douglas became aware of the presence of other unseen beings in nature but this ability was soon subdued by the mass knowledge that “such things are not real”.  Douglas worked in New Zealand’s Logging Industry for 30 years starting in his early twenties.  A dangerous and brutal environment and through that came to experience the reality that there must be a spirit realm.

Douglas’ spiritual path brought him into the Co Counselling International network in 2004.  Douglas has been active in that network attending many trainings as a member of the teaching team, becoming a co-teacher and in 2016 being accredited by the Co Counselling network as a full teacher.

Starting in 2010 Douglas trained as a Professional Counsellor.  Douglas finds the Counsellor role in both Co Counselling and Professional Counselling to be very rewarding.  To have the privilege of sitting with another and putting all of one’s own “stuff” aside, to be fully present and aware To this special person (the client), is a journey into the present moment.

Douglas prefers group work as a mode of personal/spiritual development as the members of the group support and provoke each other’s steps forwards, bringing faster realisations than in one-to-one counselling.

Growing up in the Hunua Ranges, a 400 year old Native Forest, brought Douglas face to face with the Beingness and Spirit of Nature.  Not just a bunch of trees, but a complex interrelated mass of conscious Beings, seen and unseen, living the Oneness.  A Oneness that we all belong to.

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